About NUsport



A University of Sporting Distinction

The Forum is a leader in providing quality health, fitness, sport & recreation services to its Newcastle community and surrounds.

Throughout its history NUsport has grown and succeeded because it understands and adds value to the role that sport and recreation plays within the University of Newcastle and the wider community. It has worked with students and staff of the University of Newcastle, sporting authorities and groups and with the wider community to promote sport as an essential part of life.

Supported by the knowledge and experience of our highly skilled team, our activities and our programs are designed to help our community lead a healthy lifestyle.

The Forum is actively part of its community and through our partnerships we work towards the right outcomes for our members and the wider community. 

The Forum in ancient Rome was originally a meeting area where people exchanged goods, and ultimately became the social centre of the city. In its fullest sense, The Forum means the place where we truly become citizens by our involvement in social activities.

Today The Forum is more than just a place to exercise. It is positive living – creating a healthier mind, fitter body, happier spirit.

The Forum, managed by NUsport

'Mens Sana in Corpore Sano'
'A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body'

Executive Management
NUsport Board Of Directors

NUsport plays an important role in the University community. Therefore, we support the University's code of conduct for promoting a respectful and collaborative workplace. We also engage with other areas of the University to deliver a Healthy University strategy and encourage our staff to collaborate with other University staff under this initiative.

If a University of Newcastle student believes they are being bullied or witness bullying at the University they can contact Campus Care or the Complaints Office.