Train safely, stay consistent

A female athlete is wearing a protective face mask and lifting a kettlebell in a gym.

We are here for you while restrictions are in place for NSW until Friday 9 July, but we need to work together to stay open and ensure we can continue to trade. Consistency is key for your health and wellbeing.

In accordance with NSW health guidelines, when entering our University and Harbourside venues you must adhere to the following:

  1. Masks are mandatory including while exercising, swimming is the only exemption (children under 12 years are also exempt).
  2. You may remove your mask to eat/drink, or while showering. More reason to hang out and have a coffee/ bite to eat from our onsite café!
  3. Group Fitness classes are capped at 20 participants while observing the 4sqm rule.
  4. Group Fitness classes require bookings through The Forum app. No booking - no class.
  5. Sweat towels are non-negotiable. No towel - no workout.
  6. Ensure you clean all equipment after use.

Staff will be asking patrons if they are residents of Greater Sydney (including the Blue Mountains, Central Coast and Wollongong) or if they have been there on or after Monday June 21.

In addition, we must communicate and monitor compliance with all COVID safe practices, including social distancing, hand hygiene, monitoring for symptoms, and staying home if unwell.

That aside, we are taking things day-by-day and you can always check the latest status on our operations via our website and listen to the phone message 02 4921 17001.

Our Covid-19 Safety Plan is always available here with the most up-to-date information.



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