By accessing a NUsport Managed Facility or participating in any NUsport Program You (on Your own behalf or as guardian of Your child) acknowledge and agree that these terms and conditions together with any application or membership form to which these terms are referred or attached make up a binding agreement between You and NUsport.

This Agreement is accepted by either signing the application or membership form, paying the relevant membership or program fees or accessing any NUsport Managed Facility or participating in any NUsport Program after receiving notice of this Agreement.

RISK WARNING: You or Your child's participation in any NUsport Managed Facility is a recreational activity which involves a risk of physical harm, injury or damage to You or Your child. Physical harm that might arise from You or Your child's participation in a NUsport Program or use of any NUsport Managed Facility includes, but is not limited to, joint and muscle sprains and strains, bruising, concussion, cuts and abrasions, dehydration, dental damage, joint injuries, nose injuries, stress fractures and bone/joint/muscle breakages and strains. The degree of risk and extent and type of physical harm, injury or damage may vary depending on the nature of the NUsport Program or NUsport Managed Facility.

NUsport is operating in compliance with NSW and Federal Government COVID-19 restrictions.

You can find information here on NUsport’s COVID Safety Plan, COVID Safety Coordinators and The Forum Safety Standards.

You acknowledge and agree that by visiting NUsport Managed Facilities or participating in NUsport Programs that you are complying with NSW Government Public Health Orders. You accept NUsport’s terms and conditions and will abide by The Forum Safety Standards.

COVID-19 Booking System

  1. COVID-19 Booking System is subject to change without notice.
  2. Active Forum Members MUST book Group Fitness classes via The Forum App to access The Forum University and The Forum Harbourside.
  3. Bookings will only be available to members who have an active financial Forum or Fitness Passport membership.
  4. Bookings can be made up to 5 days in advance.
  5. You may have a total of 5 active bookings per Forum venue at any one time.
  6. Failure to cancel your booking within 60 minutes of that session commencing will result in a booking penalty "Strike”;
    1. Two (2) Strikes in a five (5) day period, will result in being blocked for five (5) days,
    2. Discretion will be shown by NUsport staff where medical reasons are supplied or contact made.

Financial reimbursement will not be made available in the event of the above strikes being incurred.

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