Skillathletic is the sport performance training that shapes you into the athlete you were born to be. It boosts your individual skills in an exciting group setting, letting your potential overflow in high-intensity sessions. It aims at developing your POWER, AGILITY, STAMINA and SPEED, the four pillars of athletic performance.

The Forum Skillathletic Centre is the first in Australia and will take your training to a different level.

With 7 classes per week, The Forum's master coaches will take you through one of two classes BOOST or BRAVE, and help you keep discovering what your body is capable of.

Each class is designed to bring your inner athlete to light and let your body achieve more. All classes are modular, meaning that you can start at anytime and go at your own pace. Be brave and venture into the new dimension of group performance training.

Classes are free for members and bookings are ESSENTIAL. Download The Forum App from the Apple App Store or Google Play and book your spot today. Don't miss out!



Boost challenges the basic abilities of agility and stamina. A medium intensity workout with the sole aim of getting as far away as possible from daily routine, in order to achieve Total Body Performance.

Can I Boost up?

Would you like to improve your endurance and overcome the initial barrier of training? Then Boost is going to be your best friend for the upcoming months. This class is extremely useful for those looking to improve their Stamina, an essential element for those long distance sports such as running, cycling and swimming. In addition to physical endurance, you’ll become familiar with your body, finding the potential of your athletic skills.

Given the proposed exercises, applicable to users of every level, Boost is the most suitable class for those who approach Skill Athletic without a specific sports background, or for all those who have finally decided to get their body back after a very long period of inactivity.

What will I do in Boost?

The goal is simple: move, sweat, raise your heart rate. In a nutshell, never stop.
Try to give everything you’ve got, but at a pace that allows you to train constantly and for the entire session. What matters is not the number of repetitions, but for how long you can go on without stopping.

Don’t worry, you won’t be alone. Boost classes proposed workouts to be carried out in teams, composed of two or more class participants who support each other to complete the class.



Brave aims to increase the basic strength, high intensity education, mental toughness and adaptability to power-endurance. As the name suggests, Brave is a class not meant for the faint hearted as it will force you to find the courage necessary to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Am I Brave enough?

If you are seeking a safe and effective high intensity interval training workout where you are ready to put all your physical effort in one, look no further than Brave. This class is especially recommended for those who want to remain mentally and physically sharp despite heavy physical fatigue, but also for those who are new to this training and want to test themselves. In fact, the major innovation faction of this high intensity interval class lies in its modularity – the different level of intensities, both in the weights and in the cardio equipment, each participate can use relative to their abilities.

What will I do in Brave?

The class is structured around the development of Power and Stamina, with two segments within the workout of similar duration. However, within a selection of Brave workouts there is a build segment, which specially focusses on the development of flexibility, stability and strength of movement quality.

In the first workout segment, Brave classes will consist of either movement development through the building concept or the expression of power through the high intensity interval training concept.

In the second part of the workout, both load and intensity increase. This part of the class poses a clear and simple challenge to the athlete: can you continue to give your best with your body close to the limit and at a breath-taking pace? The exercises are ordered by increasing difficulty, meant to push you gradually out of your comfort zone.



Fast is specific to speed training, the most advanced component of performance. Short but intense drills dedicated to the improvement of speed and agility of movements.

Do you want to get Fast?

All those who have in mind to go beyond their limits and refine their technique in agility and speed orientated movements can take part in a Fast class, even those who don’t have specific skills in speed training. Fast is inspired by speed training sessions of the highest quality. Therefore, though everyone is more than welcome to join, an initial sports background, especially in speed training and agility drills, is recommended to enjoy this class fully.

What will I do in Fast?

A typical Fast class is made up of two training blocks, each containing a mix of speed training exercises and agility drills. Along with physical training at maximum intensity, learning the basics of running is a key element of this class, because to exceed your limits, technique and efficiency are fundamental components.

The exercises between the various sessions are short, but performed at maximum intensity, marked by active recoveries to work on physical endurance. The alternation between exercise and active recovery is essential for the improvement of speed and agility. Its not all pain and gain though: the complex super series are performed in a game like environment, meant to challenge yourself and your opponents in an amicable way.

Unlike more general classes, Fast has a clear goal in mind ad sport at its heart: everything is conceived to make you faster, more agile and sharp in body and mind, in order to exceed your previous limits and excel in most sports environments.



Mighty is the class devoted to power development. Sessions dedicated to overloaded training, with teaching guidelines on how to perform fundamental Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting movements.

Mighty Athleticism

Mighty is inspired by all those sports that require at least one of the seven fundamental movements, having the ability to pull, push or lift the equivalent of your body weight, or those disciplines that require explosiveness to impart great strength in the shortest time possible.

Naturally, being at ease in a Mighty class takes time and requires great mastery over your body. Just like you can’t expect to run a marathon without training, Mighty is recommended for those who have already participated in a structured training system, or for those who have participated in a series of alternative Skill Athletic classes such as Boost or Brave….and made it.

What will I do in Mighty?

The key exercises in this class are Olympic weightlifting lifts such as the Barbell Snatch and the Clean & Jerk combined with secondary compound movements such as Squats, Deadlifts and Presses or complex kettlebell movements. Explosive strength, embodied into the Power and Speed pillars, are the skills you will build and perfect during this class. Furthermore, Mighty proposes sessions of strength made of powerlifting exercises, which allow you to stimulate the development of hypertrophy and strength.

Mighty consists of three separate class segments: the first on created around powerlifting – weightlifting and maximum loads working on explosive power and strength; a second one focusing on Olympic weightlifting with lower loads but for a more continuous period; working on muscular endurance and speed of execution; the third and final segment is designed to achieve a plyometric and power specific HIIT phase including the power mode on the Skill Line.


“I have been doing the Skill Athletic classes for 3 weeks now and I can’t express how great they are. I personally don’t like going to the gym and having to come up with my own workouts and on some days I lack motivation to work out on my own. I need that extra push from someone else and skill athletic offers all that. You basically get personal training in a small group as part of your forum membership I have already lost 2 kilos doing these classes. These classes are for people of different ages and fitness levels, when I first started I felt like giving up cause the classes were so intense but I have already seen my fitness improve by doing these classes each week and the best part is the workouts change every week so you are always testing your body’s limits."


“I have been attending the Forum on a pretty regular basis, and I am finding that I absolutely love the Skill Athletic classes offered! They help me to stick to my workouts and push me to my limits while making me feel as part of a team”


“I find the technical training side of the Mighty class is excellent and the trainer does a really good job at explaining each exercise"

“As someone who lacks some motivation, the Skill Athletic classes are a great way to get a workout in during my lunch break that is both challenging and rewarding. Previously I would only use the gym to run on the treadmill for 20 minutes and then leave. The classes are a great way to get a total body workout whether it’s through intensive circuit training or getting out of my comfort zone and seeing how far I can push myself. The trainers are very helpful in explaining the process and showing correct form so that I can get the most out of the class. Getting positive feedback and motivation from the trainers has really helped me push myself a lot harder than I would ever have done before”.