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Pool Refurbishment

NUsport advises that The Forum’s 50m indoor pool will be closed temporarily to undergo necessary structural and system repairs to extend the life of the facility and provide an upgraded user experience. For further information please click here.

Term 1 2020 enrolments are now open.

Term 1 2020 runs from Tuesday 28 January and will be an 11 week term, concluding Thursday 9 April 2020. Please note; due to school swimming carnivals and public holidays, term duration may vary.  Refer to the table below for all class information.

A swim assessment
is required for all new enrolments, or customers returning after 6 months or more.  Assessments are held at The Forum, University, every Wednesday at 6:00pm and Saturday and Sunday at 12:00pm.  Assessments are free and online bookings are encouraged.  Children aged under 2yrs do not require an assessment and can booked directly into Yellow 1.

Day Time Term Commences Duration Cost
Monday AM 3 February 2020 9 weeks $135
Monday PM 3 February 2020 10 weeks $150
Tuesday  AM 25 February 2020 7 weeks $105
Tuesday   PM 28 January 2020 11 weeks $165
Wednesday  AM 26 February 2020 7 weeks $105
Wednesday  PM 29 January 2020 11 weeks $165
Thursday  AM 27 February 2020 7 weeks $105
Thursday PM 30 January 2020 11 weeks $165
Friday  AM 21 February 2020 7 weeks $105
Friday  PM 31 January 2020 10 weeks $150
Saturday AM 1 February 2020 10 weeks $150
Sunday AM 2 February 2020 10 weeks $150
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NSW Office of Sport - Active Kids Program.

NUsport is pleased to be an approved Provider of the Active Kids program. 2020 vouchers will be accepted 2 January - 11 December 2020 for Term fees or Squad Membership fees. Please provide your valid voucher to reception at time of booking.

The Active Kids Program is a NSW Government intitiative helping kids get active . We encourage everyone that is eligible to get this voucher and use towards your children’s sporting activities, where accepted. You can get more information from https://sport.nsw.gov.au/sectordevelopment/activekids and apply for the voucher at https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-active-kids-voucher.

Swim Academy Overview

The Forum Swim Academy offers a unique range of learning and development programs for all ages and abilities in a bright, happy and safe environment.  We promote water awareness, confidence, safety, fitness, stroke development and teach without the use of floatation aids.

Swim Academy lessons are available seven mornings per week and Monday - Friday afternoons.  Classes are available for children six months of age through to adults and all students are enrolled on a school term basis. Our swim program allows you to continue your swimming to a competitive level.

All coaches are qualified with the Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association (ASCTA), and instructors and lifeguards hold current AUSTSWIM and Royal Life Saving qualifications.

Safety & Survival

All Yellow sessions are 30 minutes in duration

Yellow 1
Water familiarisation with parent / carer.
Yellow 2
Independent water confidence and survival skills.
Yellow 3
Learn correct freestyle and backstroke technique.

Stroke Development
Red 1
Refine freestyle and backstroke technique whilst increasing distance.
Red 1 sessions are 30 minutes in duration.
Red 2
Increase distance while maintaining technique in freestyle & backstroke. Introduce breaststroke and develop correct technique.
Red 2 sessions are 30 minutes in duration.
Red 3
Continue maintaining technique and increase distance for freestyle, backstroke & breaststroke. Introduce butterfly and develop correct technique. Develop starts, turns and streamlines.
Red 3 sessions are 45 minutes in duration.

Squad Training

*Equipment needed for Blue stage of the Swim Academy includes goggles, swim cap, flippers, mesh bag and drink bottle.

Click here for more information on our Blue Squad Program

Blue 1
Improve and maintain correct technique in all four strokes. Reinforce streamlining, introduce race rules and refine the basic skills of dives and turns.
Blue 1 sessions are 60 minutes in duration.
Blue 2
Designed for cross-training and school carnival competitors, this Squad introduces athletes to increased volumes and intensities whilst maintaining and improving correct technique. All four strokes will be utilised with the goal of improving speed and fitness, as well as preparation for school swimming commitments.
Blue 2 Sessions are up to 120 minutes in duration.
Blue Target
This Squad is designed to identify and prepare young athletes for competition with the NUSwim Club. Athletes in this Squad must attend a minimum of 3 sessions per week and NUSwim Club membership is expected. The program will be geared towards participation at the NSW Country and NSW State Age Championships.
Blue Target Sessions are up to 120 minutes in duration.
Blue Performance
Specifically designed for athletes that have committed to the sport of competitive swimming. Members must attend a minimum of 5 swim sessions per week, and NUSwim Club membership and participation is mandatory. The program is designed towards increased participation and performance at the National Age and Open level competitions.
Blue Performance Sessions are up to 120 minutes in duration.

Swim Academy Holiday Intensive Program

Our swimming intensive program is run over consecutive days during school holidays. The Forum Swim Academy holiday intensive program is ideal for all children from beginners through to competitive swimmers. Our holiday intensive program is for Yellow 2, Yellow 3, Red 1, Red 2 and Red 3 levels.

Read more about our holiday intensive program here.

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