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Bek Nutter our in-house fitness instructor - known for her power, strength and energy presented to a full house on how to maximise your results with food for fitness.

As a qualified sports and clinical nutritionist and naturopath - Bek Nutter is a product of the product and has been inspiring our members for almost nine years.

Many of us are confused about what to eat and when.

The informative session explained how the foods that you eat play a big role in how your body feels, how it performs and how it recovers.

  • Nutritional guidance based on different goals (endurance, muscle growth, weight loss)
  • Practical strategies to help you achieve these
  • Simple meal ideas plus everyone who attended received a free recipe book to get them started.

These seminars are based on what topics are in demand from our members, and are exclusive for The Forum family only. Just another reason to become part of our community.

Stay tuned on our website and socials for more to come and grab your seat.



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