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Mark Brown has been a member of The Forum since November 2014. Pushing himself in his own training as well as being pushed by his Personal Trainer, Mell, Mark is super proud of losing 46cm off his waist over that time.

Mark was born with spina bifida, a birth defect where there is incomplete closing of the backbone and membranes around the spinal cord. Becoming wheelchair bound at the age of 38, Mark’s journey took a downhill spiral finally being awakened by the threat of a stroke or heart attack with a blood pressure reading of 190/120. “I recognised a problem and knew I had to do something about it” he said. At the age of 49, Mark made a decision that would change his life and joined a gym. “I was unprepared for how much exercise and training would increase my focus, determination and happiness” Mark said.

Mark chose The Forum through a referral from NDIS and was so happy to find a hand cycle as part of the cardio suite, making his transition to training so much easier. With the help of Josh and Nicole from NUMoves Physiotherapy, The Forum is now imbedded into Mark’s health and wellness journey as much as he is a part of the Forum Family. “I have a number of reasons to stay a member, but the invaluable investment and support I receive from Mell is by far the greatest” said Mark.

Mark’s next goal is to train outdoors on a hand cycle and participate in events, the first one being the Fernleigh15. With the support of his Personal Trainer Mell, Mark will be racing on Sunday 21 October on a hand cycle supplied by Wheelchair Sports NSW. You may also find Mark training at the Fearnley Dawes Athletic Track every Wednesday night not leaving until he has completed his 40 laps.

Team Forum will be supporting Mark in his first ever event, the Fernleigh15. Mark is so grateful for the support and encouragement from staff and members of The Forum. Get involved and Run with Team Forum.

You can run 3km as part of a relay team or you can go all out and run the full 15km. You choose, just register with Team Forum.

Mark’s goal is to finish the event in less than 45 minutes. What’s your goal?

    To help you get Team Forum ready we have:
  • A 10 week program available for you to follow
  • Run Club sessions on the timetable for you to join
  • Partnered with Compeat Nutrition to access their Knowledge Hub at a discounted rate of 20% off (Promo Code FORUM20)
  • Race day singlets for you to wear
    • All you have to do is register. The team at RunNSW will provide all Team Forum participants with a 25% discount. Contact for your discount code.

      Get behind Mark. Join Team Forum. See you on the Fernleigh Track!

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