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Participants with Coach Paul Sharman (image courtesy of Swimfit)

Research proves time and time again the benefits of swimming. As we age, it becomes so much more important to keep a healthy, active lifestyle.

Swimming being a low impact exercise hits the spot as the need to look after our health increases.

Benefits include:

  • full body workout
  • low impact on joints
  • strengthen lungs
  • tones muscles
  • assists arthritis
  • keeps an active mind
  • great cardio activity for fitness

Swimming promotes an active lifestyle and wellbeing for older swimmers outside of the pool.

You will still find 90-year old swimmers committed to their ‘daily dive’ for their state of mind and rush of endorphins in addition to these benefits above. Many still compete in organised swimming events at this age in life, unlike many other sports.

Masters swimming is not just a great place to start building your fitness and stamina – but also ideal for those coming out of retirement and ease back into it.


SwimFIT 60 at The Forum

If you are looking for a way to include some laps and a laugh in your exercise weekly routine but prefer motivation from a great coach, then come and try our popular Swim FIT 60 min program.

SwimFIT is open to members and the community at the Aquatic Centre at the Callaghan campus over seven sessions per week to choose from in our newly refurbished aquatic centre.


Mornings         Monday – Friday                     7am – 8am

Evenings         Monday and Friday (only)       6pm – 7pm


Whether you are a beginner, fitness swimmer, competitive master, surf competitor, triathlete or undergoing rehabilitation come – dive in and let our coaches motivate you to go the distance. And if you are looking for a cuppa and chat after - our onsite café will fill your social cup.

Join our Swimfit Facebook group!

Find out more about our swim and aquatics programs.



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