Are you ready for the
10,000 steps challenge?


As we head into this 6-week challenge, we need to move our mindset to look at total movement.  You can simply step your way to hit your 10,000 daily target or you can spice things up, try something new, and to get your movement on!  It’s more than just steps that will count towards your daily movement tally.

10,000 steps will look different for everyone.  So how can you get there outside of walking or running?

  • 10 minutes of moderate intensity activity = 1,000 steps
    • Dancing
    • Active gardening i.e. mowing, ranking or digging
  • 10 minutes of vigorous intensity activity = 2,000 steps
    • Group fitness classes
    • Cycling

Movement feels and is different for everyone.  It’s important that you work out within your limits and find a comfortable pace.

So, let’s get you started, and set you up for success:

  • Start your day with a positive mind set.
  • Build a rockstar playlist.
  • Dust off your joggers.
  • Map out and schedule in your golden hour (when you plan to move)
  • Exercise in line with the NSW Public Health Order.

Here are some activities to keep you moving.

Explore your LGA

Lockdown gives you a little more time to explore your own LGA. It’s time to take a different path on your leisurely afternoon walk.  If you are looking to raise your heart rate, search for a hill or two in your neighbourhood. The average 60-minute moderate pace walk will reward you with approximately 7,200 steps.

Stay Active Workouts

Let the instructors at The Forum keep you moving with the On Demand Stay Active workouts.
There are three options for you to choose from:


Loungeroom workout

Are you short on time? How long do you have realistically have?  This workout lets you choose how many rounds you complete within the timeframe that you have.
Is it 1 round, 2 rounds, or even maybe 3 rounds?

Try this out, complete each exercise for a total of 60 seconds:

  • Reverse lunge
  • Squat (add a jump for extra intensity)
  • Wall sit
  • Russian twist
  • Plank hold

To add some intensity, extend the time you complete each exercise to 90 seconds / 2 minutes.
Burpees are always a great little finisher to finish with a burn.   See how many you can complete in 2 minutes.

Weekly household clean

Kill two birds with one stone…. turn your weekly clean into achieving your exercise quoter for the day.
This three-part workout involves tackling your bathroom, floors, and wardrobe mirrors.
Not only will your house recent it’s weekly once over, but you can also earn approximately 9,000 steps.

Get your favourite playlist pumping and add a wiggle in your clean (this will surely earn you an extra 1,000 for your efforts).

  • Bathroom, 15 minutes of vigorous activity
  • Floors, 25 minutes of vigorous activity
  • Mirrors, 10 minutes of moderate activity

Street walks

In a busy schedule, carving our 60 minutes to workout can be challenging.  So somethings it’s a great idea to break it down into small chucks.
On the hour, every hour, break up your day with a short sharp walk along your sheet.  Take 10 minutes every hour between 10 – 4pm….to step your way to your daily 10,000 quoter.

A moderate pace will earn you 6,000 steps.  Add in some telegraph pole runs to increase the intensity to build your steps to 9,000 from this little activity.

Live stream instructor lead class

Forum members can access FREE live streamed classes through The Forum App:

  • Monday 4.30pm HITT
  • Tuesday 8.30am Strength Training
  • Wednesday 4.30pm Strength Training
  • Thursday 8.30am Strength Training
  • Saturday 8.30am HITT.

All sessions go for 30 minutes and can earn you at least 6,000 steps.  If you are interested in more live stream classes,
The Forum has launched a live stream timetable, for only $5 per week (paid monthly).  Live stream classes are scheduled
across 7 days with a variety of timeslots to suit your needs.


Don’t forget to log your steps each day to build your team’s daily average!




  • Consult your doctor before performing any exercise.
  • Only workout within your limits in a safe suitable environment.








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