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Hi Forum Swim Academy Members

Time to prepare for the warmer weather, longer days and lots of swimming. This means it’s also time to double check we have all the appropriate safety measures in place. Laurie Lawrence’s “Kids Alive, Do the Five” jingle is genius. While aimed at children, we can all take a lesson from it and the catchy tune sticks well in the brain. 

While I am the first to extol the virtues of swimming lessons for children, supervision is the key to safety when it comes to children around water. We have just completed our Safety Week talks with the children in their swimming lessons for Term 3. The main thing stressed in these talks with the children is that they make sure an adult is watching them at all times when they are near the water - “Not on their phone, not talking to a friend, but watching you having fun in the water”. These children are growing up too fast, you don’t want to miss a minute. 

Safety around the pool is paramount for all of us. Pool decks are slippery surfaces at the best of times and liquid or food matter spilt on the tiles makes them more so. Please do not carry coffee or food around pool deck. These can be consumed in the grandstand which is also an excellent viewing point for watching your child swim. Parents and carers are welcome to sit on the far side of the pool as well but the area at the shallow end of the pool which is the main walkway for families and staff coming to and from lessons, must be kept clear. The Royal Lifesaving Society of Australia Guidelines For Safe Pool Operations require two metres of clearance from the side of the pool. Once you have delivered your child to their class, please move to the grandstand or the Learn to Swim side of the pool to watch the lesson.

PARKING AT THE FORUM – Parking permits can be purchased from our member relations staff for $50, valid until 31 December 2019. A sticker for your windscreen is more convenient and more economically viable than paying each time you arrive for lessons.

Beth Bird
Aquatics Manager

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Re-Enrolment Term 4

The priority re-enrolment for Term 4 is from Monday 9 September to Sunday 22 September. We will be sending out the online re-enrolment email for Red and Yellow members with your unique link for Term 4 classes next week. Please use your unique link to enrol and pay online. If you have an approved credit from Term 3, or need to submit a payment arrangement application due to extenuating circumstances, online bookings are not possible so please contact me via or 4921 7337 prior to the payment deadline to arrange your booking.

The watch list for progressions and class transfers for current participants will be completed Monday 23 September. Enrolments open for new participants on Tuesday 24 September. To ensure current enrolments get first preference for their current lesson, anyone wishing to change class times for next term are required to go on the watch list until priority period is complete.

If your child is progressing to the next level, please be aware that a new class time may be required as we cannot guarantee a class at the same time you currently attend. You can choose to re-enrol them in their current class to secure a place and be priority watch listed for the higher level, or, go directly on the watch list with no confirmed booking for Term 4. Whichever your preferred option, see the pool deck Supervisor or Member Relations to ensure you are on the watch list.

When re-enrolling, you will be asked to agree to our terms and conditions. Although you may have read these before, there may have been some changes so I would ask you to read them again before agreeing and finalising payment.

ACTIVE KIDS VOUCHERS CANNOT BE REDEEMED BY BOOKING ONLINE. If you are wishing to use this voucher, bookings must be made over the counter and the voucher produced at time of booking. Bookings can also be made over the phone once the voucher has been emailed to Beth or Barbara. See more details below:


  • The Active Kids Voucher or Email confirmation detailing child’s name and voucher number must be redeemed at time of payment. Please ensure you bring a copy with you otherwise your booking cannot be processed.
  • Vouchers cannot be redeemed through online signup. Please contact reception to make your booking and bring voucher with you.
  • Vouchers cannot be accepted in arrears of making a booking, nor applied as a refund to a previous payment.
  • Vouchers are strictly one per child. They cannot be split between Active Kids Providers or used twice.
  • For children in Yellow & Red, please bring your voucher to reception for processing when confirming your booking.
  • For children in Blue Squad, please email your voucher to for processing.

Private lessons are available for all ages and abilities and are tailored to suit individual needs. Privates can be 1:1 or 2:1 and can be booked as a 30 minute or 45 minute class. All private lessons are payable upfront at time of booking.

Please contact Barbara on 4921 7009 or if you would like to enrol for private lessons. If your child is currently attending private lessons and you wish to continue into Term 4 or during the school holidays, you will also need to contact Barbara to rebook.

30 minute lessons | 5 lesson package $200.00 | single booking $50.00 each.
45 minute lessons | 5 lesson package $250.00 | single booking $60.00 each.

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Holiday Intensive Program

I think my favourite time in the Swim Academy is during our Holiday Intensive Program. Having the children swim on a daily basis in extended lessons makes such a difference to their progress and in turn their enjoyment in the sport. We will run the program over both weeks of the September / October school holidays although the second week will only be a four day program with Monday 7 October being a public holiday. Please book early as the lessons are extremely popular. We like to accommodate everyone if we can and will add extra classes if needed so please let our member relations staff know should the class you are seeking be booked out.

The table below gives class times and prices. Our Red 3 sessions will also cater for Blue 1 swimmers, just advise staff when booking so we can identify the respective lessons and deliver the best program possible.

Classes are 45 minutes for Yellow 3, Red 1 and Red 2. Yellow 2 classes are the usual 30 minutes and Red 3 classes are one hour with prices fixed at the same rate as regular lessons. Not only is this great value for money but also an excellent opportunity to re-enforce skills and set the children on the right path for the swimming season. Bookings must be made for the entire week and make ups are not provided.

Please note Holiday Intensive times are subject to change dependent on numbers.

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Blue Squads

Our Blue Squads are run perpetually and therefore there is no need for re-enrolment. Please remember to request a timestop should you be having any time off during the school holidays.

The NSW Country short course Championships were held over the weekend at Sydney Olympic Park, and Team NUswim sent a team of 46 down the M1 to compete. There were some sensational performances, a heap of pb's, and 17 medals awarded to our club. Special mention to Sam Harris who set a new record in the 800m FS with an amazing time of 8:11.98! We now enter another block of solid training before heading down to SOPAC yet again for next months Senior State Championships.

Medallist’s were as follows:
Sam Harris - 2G, 1S, 1B | Maddi Elliot - 1G, 1B | Tyler Trethan - 3S | Violet Williams - 1S, 2B | Lara Clack - 1S, 1B | Zack Price - 1S | Cooper Woolley - 1B | silver girls 12&u 4x50 FS relay: Ella Mounter, Alex Noonan, Violet Williams, Lara Clack.

The NUswim Club will be taking a break for the school holidays, finishing off the short course season, returning in Term 4 for the busy Summer long course season. Come and have a trial with the club on a Friday night from 6.30pm. New members are most welcome!

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Progressions Term 3

The Forum Swim Academy produces progression certificates for everyone completing the requirements of their current level and taking on the level above. As we are finding that very few people are collecting these from reception, we have decided to place them back on pool deck for you. Please see the pool deck supervisor for your certificate.

Congratulations to all the champions who have progressed this term. Click here to see who is on the list.

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