welcome fit college


If you’ve being working out of The Forum Harbourside recently, you may have noticed some new roommates. We are excited to announce FIT College, leaders in the delivery of Fitness and Personal Training courses operating out of the city gym.

FIT College is a well-established fitness education provider with 19 education campus across Australia, with Newcastle being their latest campus addition.

FIT College share the same values and level of standards / professionalism as NUsport. The college was formed with one simple goal - to graduate quality personal trainers and gym instructors ready to start a career in fitness working in any fitness industry environment. Their focus is on providing exceptional support to all students and providing a pathway for those wanting to pursue further study at our University.

FIT College will utilise our facility as part of their education, training and development, while also creating an opportunity close at hand for staff looking to pursue further qualifications.

If you would like to explore personal training under FIT College, contact Sally Hinchey, Director Venues by email Sally.Hinchey@theforum.org.au

For more details on FIT College visit their website 



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