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Welcome to home workouts in your pocket.

Regular exercise plays a vital role in your overall physical and mental wellbeing. No matter where you are, our Stay Active Workouts will keep you moving!
Do a little or a lot, just have some fun.

Did you know The Forum App has a library of home workouts and programs available that you can do anywhere, anytime.  

Cause let’s face it – sometimes we just can’t get to the gym for a session.

Here are eight to get you started by the familiar faces you know.

Styles include yoga, tabata, strength, sports circuit, HIIT core and use everything from chairs, basic equipment and body weight.

Remember, it’s important to stay safe while you work out and only exercise within your limits in a suitable environment.

Consult your doctor before performing any exercises instructed by The Forum.

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Overnight Protein Porridge Ingredients 1 cup Oats (rolled oats)1 tbsp Chia Seeds1 1/4 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk1 1/4 cup Protein Powder (unflavoured or 1/4 cup vanilla for flavour)1/4 cup Raspberries1/4…

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