Sports Awards

Friday, 28 August 2015 - Sports Awards Dinner

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  • Blues

    Blues are awarded to students who have achieved success in their sport at the University of Newcastle through competition, coaching, administration or other support.  Selection in state, country or open teams and/or success at Australian University Sport events may qualify you for the award of a Blue.

    Download your nomination form here.

  • Colours

    Colours are awarded to syudents or members of Newcastle University Sport who have made a significant contribution to sport at UON over a period of at least three academic years.  Colours may be awarded to members for administration, coaching, officiating or other areas of significant contribution.

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  • Sports Club Of The Year

    Sports Club of the Year recognises the attainment of high standards in sports administration by a University Sporting Club during the academic year.

  • Sports Laureates Association

    The 'UoN Sports Laureates Association' was formed on 7 September 2013, at a Special General Meeting of the then Blues Association.  The Blues Association, itself a long-standing group of University Blue Recipients, resolved to expand their Association to include all recipients of University Sports Awards - Colours, Sports Persons of the Year Finalists and Honorary Life Members of the University of Newcastle Sports Union / NUsport.


    The objects of the Sports Laureates Association reflects those of the Blues Association but go on to include objectives consistent with the work recognised by University Colours:

    • to work closely with NUsport, Campus Central and the University in the promotion of excellence in university sport; to encourage, foster, promote and extend university sport;
    • to encourage members to maintain an active involvement in university sport;
    • to encourage Students and Graduates to represent the University in sport;
    • to make recommendations to NUsport, Campus Central and the University on matters relating to University sport and University sporting awards;
    • to promote the recognition of sporting excellence within the University;
    • to encourage and assist Students to develop leadership skills;
    • to encourage the recording of the history of sport at the University and to assist in passing on the history and traditions of sport at the University;
    • to organise activities which provide members with opportunities to associate.
    • Membership of the Sports Laureates Association
    • Membership to the Association is open to all University of Newcastle Blues, Colours, Sports Person of the Year Finalists and Honorary Life Members.

    Membership application forms can be found here and forwarded to NUsport or the Association Secretary.


    Darrel Sparke  0412 762 7720412 762 772

    Michael Lancey  0413 222 8420413 222 842

  • Sports Person Of The Year

    Sports Person of the Year is awarded each year to the University student whose sporting achievements and sportsmanship during the previous academic year are deemed to have been the most outstanding. Excellence can be in any area of sporting endeavor including outstanding achievement in the areas of sports administration or officiating, e.g. refereeing or managing/coaching at national level.  Up to five (5) finalists may be selected each year.  All selected finalists receive a $500 grant, with the successful athlete receiving $1000.

    Download your nomination form here.

  • Sports Team of the Year

    A Team of the Year award has been introduced for 2014.

    Team of the Year is awarded to a sports team representing the University of Newcastle that has demonstrated exceptional sporting performance and sportsmanship, or are deemed to be the most outstanding in the previous academic year.

    Download your nomination form here.


Celebrating University Sport

The University of Newcastle Sports Awards presentation is a prestigious event in the sporting community.


The tradition of recognising sporting achievements began when the university awarded University Blues in the 1950's and are presented to athletes who competed at the highest level.


In partnership with the University of Newcastle, NUsport has added to this tradition by including University Colours for sports administration, Sport Club and Sports Person of the Year awards.   The Awards reflect the University’s ongoing commitment to providing high quality sporting opportunities for its students.

These prestigious awards recognise and celebrate outstanding achievements by the University's athletes, administrators and officials across a wide range of sports.  Past award recipients have included Commonwealth Games Heptathlete Sophie Stanwell; Newcastle Knight Robbie Rochow; Olympians Heath Francis and Justin Norris; and many more talented University athletes.

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